Husla Industrial Co., Ltd. dedicates its efforts to creating the highest values for its customers and society under the corporate motto "Humanity leads life and business cultivates it".

Our continuous R&D support and product innovation leads to the successful production of "HUSLA", for strengthening the muscular tissues in pelvic and spinal areas, which function as a key element in our body health. It is one of the most innovative products ever designed, breaking new ground in the lower-back exercise regime.

In addition, it supports easy-to-use and highly compatible applications based on ergonomic concepts unlike other conventional products.

Husla promotes the highest product quality and customer satisfaction with extensive intellectual properties including international patent invention, utility model, design and trademark rights.

We will strive to become a global leader in the industry by providing innovative products with customer service that is second-to-none that reflects the fast changing business environment.

We promise to grow with our customers.